/aemnastiy/ A sovereign act of forgiveness for past acts, granted by a government to all persons (or to certain classes of persons) who have been guilty of crime or delict, generally political offenses,-treason, sedition, rebellion, draft evasion,-and often conditioned upon their return to obedience and duty within a prescribed time.
The 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act provided amnesty for many undocumented aliens already present in the country. Included in the concept of pardon is "amnesty," which is similar in all respects to a full pardon, insofar as when it is granted both the crime and punishment are abrogated; however, unlike pardons, an amnesty usually refers to a class of individuals irrespective of individual situations. State v. Morris, 55 Ohio St.2d 101, 9 O.O.Sd 92, 378 N.E.2d 708, 711.
A declaration of the person or persons who have newly acquired or recovered the sovereign power in a nation, by which they pardon all persons who composed, supported, or obeyed the government which has been overthrown. Amnesty is the abolition and forgetfulness of the offense; pardon is forgiveness. Knote v. U. S., 95 U.S. 149, 152, 24 L.Ed. 442.
The first is usually addressed to crimes against the sovereignty of the nation, to political offenses; the second condones infractions of the peace of the nation. Burdick v. United States, 236 U.S. 79, 35 S.Ct. 267, 271, 59 L.Ed. 476
Compare pardon
Express amnesty is one granted in direct terms.
Implied amnesty is one which results when a treaty of peace is made between contending parties

Black's law dictionary. . 1990.

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(granted to whole classes of persons), (by proclamation), ,

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